There is a small town in south-west Sweden called Alingsås. It has a mere 24,000 inhabitants and is usually a quiet nice town, but every summer Alingsås is host to Kultfilmsfestivalen. Kultfilmsfestivalen is translated to Cult film Festival. What they do instead of showing new films, they take the chance to show older, cult classics. Previous years they have shown films such as Yor, The House at the edge of the Park, Motel Hell, and Dead and Buried. All thanks to the organizer and horror and cult film lover, Peter Friberg.


This year the festival takes place on August 4-5.  On the 4th they are hosting the premiere of Bloody Fierce Productions "Sargad", "Rotten Love" and Popcorn Short Films "Mimes". On the 5th the cult films begin and this time around the participants will have the chance to see "Truck Stop Women", "Blood Rage", "The Brood" and one more film yet to be announced.


And on top of the great cult films they also have some tables where people sell films. You can get some good, rare deals.


If you have the chance, come to Sweden and take part of this homey and fantastic film festival!


The Facebook page is in Swedish, but don't let that stop you from using the translate function or writing something if you have any questions or concerns!