Glass Pixel Studios - Showing Signs of Promise

As we went looking through our usual channels in search of new material to cover, we came across a very small production studio on YouTube, that while focusing mainly on film equipment reviews, also put out a handful of short films. One in particular caught our eye; a 2013 release into the horror genre, titled "Stranded".

Shot on a shoe-string budget, this ghost story sees three friends on a rescue mission of sorts, which ultimately leaves them in the same situation as the person they intend to help; stranded on a very dark, and very haunted highway, they end up needing rescuing themselves! 

"Stranded" does a good job in cranking up the tension, delivering on some effective jump scares, and framing some spooky, if familiar, shots. With only the hammy acting and weak FX work to dull the impact in any way, our interest was piqued enough that we had to see if there was something more recently released by Glass Pixel Studios, that would show an improvement in these areas.

And whoa boy, was there. "Death in C Minor" (released in October of this year) had improved substantially in every area a film could improve in. Pacing, lighting, sound design, framing, camera work, editing, and thankfully, the acting as well (without a single line of dialogue spoken); the results were so far ahead of the already enjoyable "Stranded" that if improvements continue at this pace, we wouldn't be surprised to see a future release winning awards at film festivals.

Great work Glass Pixel Studios. You definitely have our attention, and we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

You can watch their latest work below, and follow their progress at

A short horror film about a young woman who's haunted by the sound of a piano, repeating the same eerie note over and over again. When she investigates, no one is there. Is she mad or is someone playing with her mind?