Interview with 'Serial Kaller' director and co-writer Dan Brownlie

Following our site's expressed interest in reviewing the sexy b-movie slasher, 'Serial Kaller', Dan Brownlie was kind enough to give us some of his time to answer a few questions regarding the film, his start in the industry, and why he believes The Flash can outrun Superman (he totally can).


1) How'd you get started in the film industry?

I was sitting round my flat doing not a lot and I received a call from a friend of mine called Mark Pearce,"I'm doing a short film called ouiji, want to help out?".

Though I had attempted a camcorder film roughly nine years earlier I knew next to nothing about the mechanics of lighting, sound and other basics. But not letting this dissuade I thought 'why not' and jumped in.

From then on it was just one leap to another.


2) What drew you to the horror genre? Are there any directors and/or films in particular that inspired you?

I always loved creatures and the fantastic and being born in the late 70's and having a dungeon and dragons nerd for an older brother there was always lots of creature books lying around.

From there I started with Jim Henson films to  Vincent Price films, then Hammer Horror and leaped to A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Biggest influence directorial wise is Tobe Hooper and Rob Zombie, film wise Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and House of 1000 Corpses. I also have a not so hidden love for killer toy film Demonic Toys.


3) For new fans who aren't familiar with your work where do you recommend they start?

I've not done many films, I executive produced and directed sections of an anthology called '3's a Shroud' (out now) and 'Self Induced Nightmares part 1' both of which have been picked up by Wild Eye Releasing. For the rest of my shorts you can go over to 


4) Tell us a little bit about Serial Kaller.

A brief history of the film:

Serial Kaller was my first full on feature that was made for Loaded's then tv channel (Loaded TV). We shot on location around a fully functioning babe channel in Hersham utilizing whatever spare space we could find. Any set piece that wasn't cobbled together was actually a porn set that they weren't using that day (it was suggested that anyone who had to lay a hand on a surface should wash it before eating anything). The only two locations that weren't on set were the dog shop and the front door at the end of the film. All this helped set the tone for a sleazy slasher film that we were to create.

(Fun Fact) It was part of a slate that I was hired to complete which would have included a sequel but unfortunately 3 days into the shoot the company folded and 90% of the crew walked out. From then on it was full on crazy and how we finished the film is beyond me.


5) What was the inspiration for this movie?

Co-writer Danni Thompson was working on a babe show when she came up with the idea. She went off air but left her microphone on and the whole world heard her slagging off her ex boyfriend. This then gave her the idea of what would happen if the person she was slagging off was a psychotic killer. That's really the initial spark.She then brought it to me to tweak, so I added some kills and rewrote the ending and we went to get funding.


6) You receive a call. It's the ghost-faced villain from the "Scream" movies!

You are asked, "What's your favorite scary movie?" Your response? 

Lilo and Stitch


7) Tell us a little about what you're working on next.

We're currently working on 'The Tombs:  Rise of the Damned' with Templeheart Films that should be shot this year.

It's going to be shot on location at The London Tombs scare attraction so the set pieces are amazing. See teaser below 

The Tombs: Rise of the Damned is the latest feature from brand-B corporation and Templeheart films. Directed by Dan Brownlie (Three's a Shroud, Serial Kaller) and starring Jessica Ann Bonner (Devil's Tower, Valley of the Witch) and shot exclusively at the multi award winning scare attraction (The London Tombs).


8) If you could only direct one more film, with the cast of your choosing, what type of film would it be, and who would star in it?

When I was a kid I started a Killer Klowns from Outer Space rip off comic called Killer Teddies from Outer Space (which was also influenced by a dim I saw in Fangoria about killer rabbit men from outer space. Never watched it or found out its name so if anyone knows please email me). If I could only do one film and could have the budget to do it well that would be it. The Chiodo brothers would have to design/build the creatures and it would star Debbie Rochon, Jessica Ann Bonner Brownlie, Suzi Lorraine and Kevin Howarth (cuz I really want to work with him).


9) If you were calling in to babealicious, which babe would you choose? Blonde, Brunette, Redhead?

It would have to be Frankie.


10) Who's your favorite Scream Queen?

Debbie Rochon hands down. Not only is she an amazing actress she's also one of the most amazing human beings I've ever met.


11) Bonus question - Who's faster, The Flash, or Superman?

Flash. It's his only power, how can someone with multiple powers have one that beats him. It's documented in several comics over the decades, most of the time they had to superhero tie cuz they're all friends ect but if you tally them all up Flash ends up the ultimate winner.


Thank you for taking the time to indulge us! We look forward to your future projects and the January 26 release of Serial Kaller.

Thank you for the questions


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