It really is great seeing a new kickstarter project spring up for a new promising horror film, what seems like, everyday now. And while not each one is guaranteed to be a knock-out, this avenue of funding has been responsible for some really amazing entries into the genre (with my personal favorite film of the year, 'Cat Sick Blues' being one of them), so the more the merrier we say.

Chris Luciano is throwing his hat into the ring with the film, 'The Undone', a psychological horror film about a deaf woman who struggle to save her marriage is compounded by her battle with sleep paralysis. Hey, at the very least, it sounds different enough and judging by the current stills taken from production locations, should have a pretty atmospheric look to it's aesthetic.

If you like what you see on the official Kickstarter page, be sure to back it with as much moolah as you can spare; it's always awesome being an integral part of the production of a film that speaks to you.