Alterna's catalog of independent comics cover a wide-range of topics and themes, and for the most part, the ones covered by our site have been tied together by the common thread of horror. "Charge" switches things up a bit, straying away from a straight-laced horror and taking us into science fiction territory. To be specific, science-fiction thriller. To be more specific, science-fiction thriller tackling the always tricky subject of time-travel. Jumping back-and-forth between timelines, "Charge" utilizes a method of storytelling that allows for some very interesting mechanics, all the while keeping readers on their toes!

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Budget cuts, layoffs, deadlines, stale donuts… Jenson and Hobbs thought things couldn’t get worse at Comtech. Until they found themselves stranded on a mountain in a snowstorm, where they witness an industrial accident that brings forth a mysterious army from the unknown.
1975: trapped in a remote mountaintop research facility, scientists Jenson and Hobbs have made an amazing discovery. Just not the one they planned on. Now they must survive the night, and avoid being caught up in a future war between militarized corporations. And all before the machine’s next CHARGE.  Dan Jury and Chris Jury craft a gripping story about the invention of time travel and the fight to survive it.


$2.99,  52 pgs, Full Color, Mature

Digital Comic Book

(W) Chris Jury, Dan Jury

(A) Adhitya Zulkarnaen, Pam Siega