As an owner of an HTC VIve myself, I'm all for exploring various avenues when it comes to VR entertainment, whether they be quick pick-up-and-play arcade-like video games, complex high budget epics, and even narrative driven story "games" light on interaction. The inherent advantage to VR's ability to immerse a player more than any other platform means even the mundane can be elevated to a level that brings joy to whoever is partaking, but obviously the stronger the base concept, the better the end result. Thankfully, Hammerhead VR's upcoming horror adventure game, "ABE VR" looks to be crafted with polish and care. There's also a twist to this specific adventure game, one that takes immersion and participation as a gamer, to the next level. Read below:

ABE VR is an intense experience that recreates the horrifying story about a misguided robot seeking the unconditional love of humans…at whatever cost. 

Created in Unreal Engine, and continuing our filmmaking in virtual reality, ABE VR is based on ABE the multi-award winning short film, and planned feature film, written and directed by Rob McLellan.

No longer do you have to just watch the film, you now get to experience it as a character. Specifically, ABE’s chosen victim.

Sound cool huh? Yeah, also sounds like a pants-shittingly horrific experience. Check out the trailer below, and join us in counting the days until we get the distinct honor of being strapped to ABE's operating table.

Visit the game's official page here