The kind of quality art that would have us triple-dipping on physical copies.

The kind of quality art that would have us triple-dipping on physical copies.

Any fan of the horror genre who grew up in the 80's and 90's before the proliferation of the internet, can probably recall trips to the video store, and what the ritual in choosing the flick you'd run home with involved; pretty much, it boiled down to how awesome the box art was.

With a genre as colorful and diverse as this, great art is of paramount importance in capturing the essence of our favorite nightmarish villains. Thankfully there are plenty of passionate fans who also happen to be artists, that completely understand this, and it's always our pleasure to spotlight them whenever we can, wherever we can.

This time, we are showcasing the work of the super-talented Chris Kutcha! Taken from the "ABOUT" section of his website - 

Chris Kuchta is a horror artist, art instructor and freelance illustrator hailing from Lafayette, Indiana. A graduate of American Academy of Art in 2000, he has since studied art all over the globe. In 2004 he opened the Kuchta Academy of Fine Art and Illustration and has been teaching Academic Drawing and Painting as well as Digital Art and Graphic Design.
In addition to teaching, he has also worked as a freelance illustrator and portrait painter. His current projects include a series of movie monster paintings and prints, concept illustration for film and animation, story-boarding and a comic graphic novel entitled Escalation. When not drawing and painting he can be found with his wife Lori and two cats Vincent and Hop.

A quick glance at the gallery (hell, the main page even) reveals a style that wonderfully captures the gruesome and the grotesque; there's a very tangible organic quality that allows for the more disturbing characters and scenes to be amplified in effectiveness, and had he been responsible for some of the VHS cover art back in the day, we'd have rented far more movies than we already did.

 Check it out for yourself here and be sure to follow our instagram account for more awesome art work!