Fright Night Documentary "You're So Cool Brewster" Gets a Pre-Order Date

Looks like pre-orders for the much anticipated documentary begin May 16th this year, with an estimated shipping date of June 27th. From the official Facebook account:

UPDATE: Due to the constant demand from the production team to ensure that this Documentary is the best quality that it can be, plus that we have added a couple of extra interviews that came in after post production started, we now have estimated pre-order and release dates. This will be worth the wait! Our director Chris and editor Eastwood are, as I type, busy editing and refining the documentary. We are also pleased to showcase the O-Card art by Mute Designs that will accompany Graham Humphrey’s cover art. Enjoy!
Pre-order 16th May 2016
Estimated Shipping 27th June 2016

So hang tight, we're almost there. With the extra work being done to add more material to the project, the wait will be more than worth it!