Samurai Dead - New Web Series From Glass Pixel Studios

We reported earlier in the year on a very promising up-and-coming production studio by the name of "Glass Pixel Studios". A YouTube channel focusing mainly on the creation of short films and reviewing the equipment needed to make them possible; they've since been hard at work improving their craft. Now it seems recently, they've taken from what they've learned to create something pretty damn cool, the start of a web series called "Samurai Dead" a mishmash of multiple genre films and styles. Here's how one of the creators puts it:

My filmmaking partners and I are huge fans of Walking Dead, Mad Max, and old Kurosawa films, so we decided to mix all three together to see what we’d get.
— Jimmy

The first couple episodes are out now, ready for your consumption, and right off the bat we can say that the tension is high, the atmosphere is thick and the whole production has a very grimy yet modern feel to it. Can't wait to see more, as each new project seems to one-up the previous!

A short zombie movie about a modern-day samurai who struggles to survive against the living and the undead in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Please share this video to anyone who's having a bad day and needs a short horror film, sci-fi film, or zombie film to feel good about themselves again...

Check out their YouTube channel for more