ABC's of Death 2.5 to release exclusively to Vimeo next week.

ABC's of Death 2.5 to release exclusively to Vimeo next week.  Check out the trailer and all the info below...

1 letter. 26 new directors. 26 new ways to die.

An anarchic, alphabet-themed anthology of short films, THE ABC'S OF DEATH franchise launched a “Filmmaker Frenzy” competition devoted to the letter M, collecting more than five hundred entries from over forty countries in the process.

THE ABC'S OF DEATH 2 ½ contains the best 26 shorts––each three minutes long––clocking in at 85 irreverent minutes of disturbing, inventive and unadulterated madness by the most passionate and talented upcoming filmmakers in the horror genre.

M is for Magnetic Tape // Tim Rutherford & Cody Kennedy

M is for Maieusiophobia // Christopher Younes

M is for Mailbox // Dante Vescio & Rodrigo Gasparini

M is for Make Believe // Summer Johnson

M is for Malnutrition // Peter Czikrai

M is for Manure // Michael Schwartz

M is for Marauder // Steve Johnson

M is for Mariachi // Eric Pennycoff

M is for Marriage // Todd E. Freeman

M is for Martyr // Jeff Stewart

M is for Matador // Gigi Saul Guerrero

M is for Meat // Wolfgang Matzl

M is for Mermaid // Ama Lea

M is for Merry Christmas // Joe & Lloyd Stas

M is for Mess // Carlos Faria

M is for Messiah // Nicholas Humphries

M is for Mind Meld // BC Glassberg

M is for Miracle // Álvaro Núñez

M is for Mobile // Barış Erdoğan

M is for Mom // Carles Torrens

M is for Moonstruck // Travis Betz

M is for Mormon Missionaries // Peter Podgursky

M is for Mother // Ryan Bosworth

M is for Muff // Mia’Kate Russell

M is for Munging // Jason Koch & Clint Kelly

M is for Mutant // Stuart Simpson

RUSH TOWNS PRODUCTIONS - Promising New Indie-Horror YouTube Channel


*Sniff* Mmmmm. Nothing like the pungent smell of a new horror production channel to start our week, and it appears the plastic was just pulled off of this one. "Rush Towns Productions" looks to focus on concept work delivered via trailers, short films and the like, allowing the crew to showcase their talent in various aspects of filmmaking (while simultaneously giving them an excuse to pour on the gooey red stuff). You never know where the next "Lights Out" will come from, so keep an eye on their work here - and if they hit it big, you can brag about being a fan of RTP before they were cool.

Here's our favorite video from the channel so far

Shudder TV Launches 'Shudder Labs'

Have you ever wanted to make your own horror film? Shudder Labs has you covered. 

 "Shudder Labs is a week-long workshop retreat, dedicated to building the skill set and talents of exciting, emerging horror filmmakers. Shudder Labs aims to marry our belief that horror can be at once the most thrilling, sharpest and subversive of genres, with our dedication to supporting the developing voices crafting it.

In its inaugural edition, 10 fellows will come together with established masters and special guests in scenic, secluded Hudson Valley, NY. There, master classes, field trips and an intimate, encouraging creative atmosphere will bolster some of the scariest work you’ll see in the future. Each participant will graduate from the program as a Shudder Fellow and take home a $5,000 grant and a year-long mentorship from one of the Masters-in-Residence." -ShudderLabs Website

You can head over to the official website now to learn more: SHUDDER LABS

Also if you haven't subscribed to SHUDDER TV you are missing out on the greatest selections of horror films available on any streaming service.