Women in Horror - FINALE - The Girls of 'Six Hot Chicks In A Warehouse'

What better way for our site to send off the women in horror celebration with the recognition of a film that sees nearly it's entire cast comprised of women! Congratulations to director Simon P. Edwards for the successful kickstarter campaign; hopefully the film finding a nice sized audience means more work for these talented and lovely women in future projects!

The Talent:

Jessica Messenger - An incredibly versatile actress, Jessica has been faithful to the project since its very origins. "Mira" is a confident and at times feisty character making her the subject of Adrian's desire. SHCIAW Will be the second time Jessica has worked with director Simon P. Edwards after 2014 drama feature film 'Beneath a Neon Tide.

Sabine Crossen - Sabine Crossen is a bilingual actress (French mother, American father) who was born in the United States but grew up in NZ with her first time on film being in Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings. Her unique portrayal of queen bitch "Ana" in her first audition meant there was only going to be one actress playing this role. Sharp and sultry, Sabine has the pick of the quotes in SHCIAW

Elesha Thorn - Musician, Reptile Lover, and now actress, this will be Elesha's first major gig; we have all the confidence in the world she'll knock out her role as "Alice".

Jade Wallis - "A Model with over 10 years experience, Actress and presenter. Also the founder and Manager of Jade Wallis Modelling School and Consultancy. Other activities include Presenting, Acting, Mua, Life coach and wellness coach." This entrepreneur has got the brains, talent, and looks to pull off her role as "Sera".

Sandra Huzuneanu - This Romanian jack-of-all-trades discovered her love for acting at age 12 due to a part she had in a school play. Her can-do attitude and driven personality has lead her through an increasingly successful career that ultimately brings her to the role of "Jane", and left at the mercy of Simon P. Edwards! 

Holly Springett - Not much is known about this newcomer, but the model / actress playing "Joey" will certainly have a great opportunity to cut her teeth on this role. Let's hope it means bigger and better things for her afterwards.

Jesse Jane - "A superstar in her own right, Jesse Jane is an all-American blonde, green eyed, sultry girl originally from Ft. Worth, Texas. In three short years she ascended from Hooters manager to Hawaiian Tropic pageant winner to international fame with a Digital Playground contract". Looks like Jesse Jane has the drive and sex appeal to give this film the flavor it's looking for when in her role as "April".

Lucie Brooks - Adult star and model, Lucy-Anne Brooks will be showcasing her acting ability as well, playing the character "Claire". It'll be interesting to see where her career goes from here; Scream Queen in the making perhaps? Hopefully her character is kept alive long enough for us to gauge potential!

Chloe Toy - Model and Nintendo fan. Ok, major points for the second part. You can catch Chloe nerding out on twitter over the latest Pokemon games when she's not acting in her role as "Cassie". Hopefully she has a chance to show off her twitch skills in the film.

 (info taken from Kickstarter and Social Media accounts)

Women in Horror Day 22 - Juliana Harkavy

Juliana Harkavy was the leading role in 2015's 'Last Shift'.  The film made a lot of horror fan's top of the year lists and we couldn't agree more.  Her portrayal of rookie cop Jessica Loren was very honest and believable.  Walking Dead fans also may have recognized her from part of the Season 4 cast.  When she's not fighting off crazy religious cults or zombies she actually is a musician and you can check out her music over at http://www.julianaharkavy.com.


Women in Horror Day 20 - Anya Taylor-Joy

Today's pick for 'Women In Horror Month' is the very talented Anya Taylor-Joy.  Although new to the horror scene her first role will forever leave an impact on the genre.  'The Witch' is a horror film that will still be discussed 30 years from now. Anya gave a stellar performance and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her.  Everyone needs to do themself a favor, and go catch 'The Witch' in theaters right now.