Mania - New Stills Released

From Jessica Cameron's website -

 "Jessica Cameron Directed this fun indie flick, MANIA starring Ellie Church.

It was one of the three films that she made while traveling across the USA in late fall of 2014 filming 3 movies.
Mania and Desolation were the narrative features, while Kill the Production Assistant was the documentary following along for the ride.
This is a feat that has never been attempted in cinema history before, and with good reason. Filming one indie film is difficult, filming two would be next to impossible and well to film three you have to be insane"


One NSFW -

Look for Mania to release first quarter this year. 

Mania - Teaser Trailer (NSFW)

Further pushing the envelope, Jessica Cameron's latest entry sees a lesbian couple forced on the run following a brutal murder. If you've seen Truth or Dare, then you know what to expect with regards to red stuff. A love story guaranteed to cut your heart out and leave it beating on the floor.