I am always excited to support and back new horror projects on Indiegogo or Kickstarter and Plank Face has caught my attention.

Plank Face, a dark and disturbing movie about a man who is captured by a wild wood-dwelling family who wants to make him one of their own — whether he likes it or not!

The movie is already shot and this campaign is for us, the fans, to pre-order the limited DVD and also get a lot of bonus perks. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and the pictures look really amazing. Just look at that gorgeous poster!

The crew behind Plank Face have also produced great indie-horror movies like Found and Headless, if you haven’t seen those two, I urge you to see them as soon as possible. Headless was one of the best horror movies of 2015!

Check out their Indiegogo campaign and pre-order your copy.

All the pictures from the movie comes from the Indiegogo page.