SEIZE THE NIGHT - Available Online, Free, TODAY!

Here it, as Emma promised. No need to crowd up at a festival or wait in line for a screening, just click on the thumbnail provided below to get your fill of some leather-wrapped Vampire goodness.

Then be sure afterwards, to head on over to Emma Dark's Facebook page and express your eternal gratitude for putting her film out there, no strings attached.


Seize the Night - Watch Free, Online, May 3rd!

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to attend local film festivals, and even if you're given the opportunity to do so, it's not a guarantee that you'll see that really bad-ass genre film you've been obssessing over during the course of its production. So when we hear that talented Indie filmmaker, Emma Dark, is gracious enough to not only put her awesome vampire action film, 'Seize the Night' online for viewing (saving us gas money), but also doing so free of charge, well, that's cause for jubilant celebration. Considering the shower of praise recieved following it's festival runs, this is a pretty sweet deal here, so be sure not to miss it when it lands, May 3rd! Details here -

In the meantime, check out the trailer below -