Darth Maul, the prankster

Darth Maul, the prankster

Sure they can be cheap, sure they can feel manipulative, but damn if they aren't effective! This YouTube video puts together 40 of the best Jump Scares in horror cinema, so if you're looking to get the blood pumping and your heart racing, toss on a nice pair of headphones and watch full screen! 

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RUSH TOWNS PRODUCTIONS - Promising New Indie-Horror YouTube Channel


*Sniff* Mmmmm. Nothing like the pungent smell of a new horror production channel to start our week, and it appears the plastic was just pulled off of this one. "Rush Towns Productions" looks to focus on concept work delivered via trailers, short films and the like, allowing the crew to showcase their talent in various aspects of filmmaking (while simultaneously giving them an excuse to pour on the gooey red stuff). You never know where the next "Lights Out" will come from, so keep an eye on their work here - and if they hit it big, you can brag about being a fan of RTP before they were cool.

Here's our favorite video from the channel so far

SCARE PEWDIEPIE - Official Trailer (YouTube RED Original Series)

Love him or hate him, Felix Kjellberg a.k.a. "PewDiePie" is a HUGE fan of horror; and having played some of the best that gaming has to offer in the genre in front of countless millions, has done plenty for the community to say the least. His latest endeavor however, takes things to the next logical step - a horror themed reality show! Titled, "Scare PewDiePie", we get to see Felix take center stage in elaborate horror-trope set-pieces, not unlike the kinds you'd see in the games he plays. The point? Scare the living shit out of him. Yeah, we can't wait either. "Scare PewDiePie" is set to release on YouTube's premium service "Red" this February the 10th.

Watch me, PewDiePie, get put in real life games that take horror games to the next level. Will I make it out alive? From the creator of The Walking Dead and Maker Studios.