Women in Horror Day 11 - Gigi Saul Guerrero

Where do I even begin? Gigi's work ethic and passion (along with her resume) have left me at a loss for words, so let's just mind-vomit this thing with a list of some of her accomplishments:

  • Co-Founder of the talent-filled Luchagore Productions
  • Director of the incredible, grindhouse-like short film, 'El Gigante'
  • Director of our favorite entry in the 'Mexico Barbaro' horror anthology - 'Dia de los Muertos'
  • Directed "M is for Matador", which is an official entry in the 'ABCs of Death 2.5'
  • Currently working on the sci-fi horror anthology, 'Aztech' (pre-production)
  • Moving forward with the feature-length adaptation of the horror novel, "Muerte con Carne"
  • Winner of numerous awards for all the stuff listed above (and not listed below)

There's no doubt this salt-of-the-earth multi-talent has an insanely bright future ahead of her (and the production studio she's a part of). If there was anyone that encapsulates what "Women in Horror" was all about, Gigi would have to be it.