Women in Horror Day 17 - Meggie Maddock

The highly cultured Meggie Maddock first appeared on our radar with the short horror film 'M is for Martin' - created originally to be part of the ABCs of Death 2 catalog, and really struck a nerve when she starred in the scrumptiously disturbing film, 'EAT' (watch it now, then read our review here) . Since then she's kept busy, even continuing to land roles in other short horror films, with a rumor she may be making an appearance in an upcoming made-for-TV Silent Hill movie. We have our fingers crossed that we get to see Meggie Maddock flex her acting muscles in other feature films, in our favorite genre, in the near future. Hopefully her appetite for hard work and filmaking, won't result in any further loss of flesh on her end.

Seriously, go watch EAT.