Women in Horror Day 23 - Bethany Orr

Relative new comer to the horror scene, Bethany Orr hit the ground running with her 2012 short film 'Agorable' - which she not only directed and wrote, but also starred in as well! Of course, staying true to her hard work ethic, it wasn't the only project she had that year. Her second short film appropriately titled, "Winner", went on to earn two awards at the CFC - "Audience Choice" and "Jury Prize". These of course were important stepping stones that would eventually lead to her biggest starring role yet; playing the unstable "Jill" in Patrick Kennelly's provocative film, 'Excess Flesh'. The rate at which Bethany Orr has propelled her career has us not only extremely excited, to see what she has in store for horror fans next, but assured that whatever it is will come very quickly!

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