'You're Gonna Die Tonight' - Preview Trailer For This Promising Short Film

Short films have proven time and time again that a long running time isn't necessary to tell a compelling horror story; and 'You're Gonna Die Tonight' looks to hammer that point home even further. This one has yet to really start on it's festival circuit run, but we'll be sure to get a viewing the moment we have a chance to! For now, a trailer will have to suffice. Follow the film's direcot, Sergio Morcillo here.

Official teaser trailer for the new horror short film director Sergio Morcillo, author of works such as "Your screams make me laugh" and "Metamorphose". It is produced by Terror Club and Fonofox and written by Alvaro Fuentes. This sponsored by Miguel Angel Vivas, director of films like "Kidnapped" and "Extinction.