This latest entry to "Consume" (formerly the stupidly named, "Horror Swag"), has a special story behind it. Our very own Sarah Giercksky details the meaning behind her very impressive DVD and Blu-Ray collection (2000 films and growing!)

I have been a huge movie collector for almost 15 years. It all started when I was 12 and began buying horror dvd’s from a supermarket near where I lived at that time in Sollentuna. I had lost my dad to cancer 2 years earlier and movies were my escape from the reality I was living in. How was a 10-year old kid, who just stuffed every emotion inside her and didn’t ever let anything come out, supposed to deal with such a loss? Writing and escaping into horror movies became the answer.

I was always at home, watching some horror movie that I had bought and all the DVDs started to fill a part of the hole in my heart. My dad had always had a huge interest in movies and creating projects, so as I watched and created my own scripts I also felt that a part of my dad was there with me. Most of the DVDs I bought when I was 12 were slashers like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Scream.

After a few years bluray’s came and I began to buy them and also focus my attention to limited and special editions. Every movie in my collection means something to me, because of the situation that I was in when I was watching them. There is almost always a story behind every movie in my collection, some are bad and some are good and that is why my collection mean so much to me.

My collections has now gone up to 2000, that includes both DVDs and Blu-rays. I am proud of my collection and I feel happy when I am in my room just looking at all my movies, but I just wish that my dad was here to share my love for movies with me and to be able to watch all the horror projects that I have done and will do. I think about him every day and my heart is still hurting a bit, but it gets easier as each day passes by and my movie collection does help heal the wound, but today is one of the harder days where everything just seems tougher and hurts more than usual.