Any seasoned horror fan is more than familiar with the key identifiable components, the moving parts, that make up the modern slasher film. Starting with the venerable trailblazing first entry into the Scream series, we recognize some of the key ingredients needed to formulate such a film are, plots in which the past comes back to haunt someone, twists and turns complete with red herrings, titillation, stabbing brutality, and character archetypes which allow for genre lines to be blurred. Speaking specifically on that last one, a favorite of this particular horror geek is, "The Pretty One". Typically played as the playful, self-absorbed best friend to the central protagonist, they are also typically the most liked, usually because expectations for the character are subverted and just before their demise, we get to see a different, more relatable side to them. So here's to "The Pretty One"; Rose McGowan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brandy Norwood, and now WTF! star, Andrea Hunt.

WTF! is a slasher horror film (with a playful side) that plays very closely in beat to films like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and as such, there are very clearly delineated archetypes present - "The Stoner", "The Jock", "The Geek", and your character, "The Pretty One". Tell us what you feel are some of the more crucial character traits which define that particular archetype, and how you brought that across on film through your performance.

I think for “the pretty one” archetype, they feel like they are loved because of their looks and maybe the “stuff” that they have so they can come off as very self-involved and materialistic. That archetype can also be vulnerable when it comes to what people think of them, so they can either act like they don’t care at all or maybe they care a little too much. I think the beginning of the film really showed the materialistic stereotypical side of the archetype and then further through it started showing a more vulnerable and human side. I think the moments with Jacob leading up to the fire incident really started to show that vulnerable side. I love how when crazy events like getting stuck in a cabin with a serial killer happen, you can see the side of a character that you can really relate to no matter how stereotypical.


Where or who do you draw inspiration from? Do you watch performances of other actors in preparation for your own role?

Well, I take acting classes and have learned a lot about myself and what helps me prepare. I don’t ever watch other performances to prep for a role, but I do watch movies to get a tone if the director has something in mind for a project! For this one, I watched Scream to get into the vibes.


Were you given any leeway in how you portrayed "Bonnie"? How much of your character was script, and how much was Andrea?

Yes, I think our director knew what he wanted, but he still let us do our thing. Once we got into the more intense stuff, things became a bit looser and less scripted - minus the stunts! - those were definitely all carefully choreographed.


She was definitely put through the wringer; relentlessly attacked, impaled, tossed around, viciously beaten, and even torched. Did you find the role to be physically demanding, or were those moments mostly reserved for a stunt person?

I got to do all of the stunts and man, were they fun! It was demanding and we definitely took a lot of time to prep for that scene (mentally and physically - they did an awesome job on my makeup too). I remember that night of shooting was one of my favorite nights. Intense, but gratifying!


The cast looked like a fun bunch to work with, how was the atmosphere on set? Lots of joking around?

YES!! The very first day on set in the desert, Johnny Fiore threw a fake snake on me and I freaked and jumped on someone…Nick Reilly got the whole thing on camera! Really though, I can’t say enough amazing things about this cast and crew. I think this is the most fun I have ever had on a project and that’s all because of the amazing people!


Moving away from WTF! for a moment, what inspired you to begin acting in the first place?

I started dancing and singing when I was three. I was a part of a dance group that started acting classes at their studiosm and putting on musicals at the local theater in Indianapolis; I began class immediately and fell in love. I remember doing monologues at home - from class - to different family members but didn’t tell them it was a scene, to see if I could trick them! I have really always wanted to do this since I was a little kid, doing musicals in my room and on stage, like “Annie.”


Any other roles in production you'd like to tackle in the future? Directing, maybe?

Yes, I am interested in producing and creating content. I have a writing partner I love to create concepts with, and I am always going to “Producing - 101” meetings through SAG, and joining groups like Women In Film, to learn as much as I possibly can about this industry. I am really interested in all of it, and supporting other people - women especially - with their projects. While acting is my main focus, I just love it all!


Ok, back to WTF. This is the second full length feature horror film you've performed in (in addition to some shorts). Is this a genre you find yourself gravitating towards?

Well, at first, no. It just sort of happened that way, but now, yes. I love that, in horror films, you get to do it all. A horror film can also be a coming of age, romantic, comedic, psychological, action and of course horror. It’s an awesome challenge!


If there was a sequel to WTF! being made, what would you personally title it? OMG?

HA HA! OMG! is a great name for a sequel! Maybe, WTF!! with 2 exclamations instead of one if I couldn’t think of anything clever… and who knows, there just may be a sequel with a few returning ;)


Name 5 of your favorite horror films

  1. Sixth Sense
  2. Get Out
  3. The Silence of the Lambs
  4. Scream
  5. The Shining


What can fans of your work look forward to from you in the near future?

Well, another movie I did, “Awaken the Shadowman” was just released on July 25! It was in select theaters and is now out on Redbox, on-Demand (Time Warner, Cox, Comcast), iTunes, and most major streaming sites. It’s a psychological thriller about two estranged brothers reuniting in order to find their mother who disappeared. Along the way they discover a supernatural force. You will get to see a much different side of me in this movie!


Thank you kindly Andrea for taking the time to talk with us! Good luck with your endeavors.

Thanks guys! It was a pleasure.


Starring Callie Ott, Nicolas James Reilly