We've covered George James Fraser's work on the site before, with his low-budget short film 'Happenstance' reviewed as a fun, yet grisly tale about chance. It was noted that as a proof-of-concept for something grander, the film demonstrates the potential of Fraser's talent. Now, with the collaborative effort behind it, 'My Little Miracle' looks to take him closer towards realizing that potential. Read the presser below, and be sure to watch the creepy official teaser trailer following.


Boston, MA, 11/20/2016

  -  Boston’s own Stained Glass and Blood Bath Productions released a brand new teaser for their latest dark and intense project. They call it, 'My Little Miracle'. Since the release of their last blood filled love story 'Happenstance', on the new horror-on-demand site ibleedindie.com, audiences have anxiously awaited what comes next from this emerging team.

Lead by director George James Fraser, the Stained Glass and Blood Bath team have been leaving a trail of red amongst the Boston film scene. The teaser trailer for their newest short 'My Little Miracle' reassures us we have only just begun to see what is to be offered.

'My Little Miracle' is produced by Kevin Whittier and stars Charmaine Jossick and newcomer Kayla Olson. It is set to receive another bone-chilling score by composer team, The Inside World. The film revolves around a unique story of how mother and daughter came together. It is set to be released into the festival circuit in early 2017.

More information can be found on the company’s page facebook.com/Happenstanceshort