The New York Times described the French psychological thriller Fever as “Intriguing and intelligent…chilling” when it was released in cinemas last year. The story revolves around two teen boys who kill a stranger for the thrill of it and seemingly get away with the crime. But take note, this film is on the far "art" side of "artsploitation" - there is no blood shed (the murder happens 5 minute before the start of the film) and no violence. Rather the film is brilliant in its examination of these two boys and how a "perfect murder" affects them differently. Loosely adapted on the 1920s Leopold and Loeb murder scandal that has been filmed several different times (Compulsion, Rope, Swoon) , the film now comes out on leading VOD Platforms today. 

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High school students Damien and Pierre are from wealthy families with nothing seemingly in their lives to leave them disturbed. Yet they plan and carry out the murder of an unknown woman they have previously only spotted on the street. The police are at a loss, confused by this murder without motive. Zoé, an optician in the neighborhood, who is feeling more and more moved by this inexplicable murder, bumps into the teenage murderers by chance. But this chance fleeting encounter reveals inside her a growing and mysterious desire. Although scared (she could easily be a victim of Damien and Pierre), her erotic attraction for the duo goes beyond that. It gives her a chance to find a way out of the loveless rut that her life has ended up in. While Damien and Pierre, thinking no one will catch them, embark on a journey deep within their pasts. Inspired from a real life story of mindless and seemingly meaningless crime as well as Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment", this thoughtful psychological thriller will enthrall viewers.

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