Chris has a reputation, two short films deep, that pretty much means fans expect two things from any future project he would have a hand in, lots of gore and lots of laughs. With Bad Guy #2 that came in the form of mafioso justice and the irony that comes with receiving a promotion in such an organization. While Death Metal made a bloody mess come by way of a pact with the devil, and the results of breaking that promise, leading to hilarious acts of physicality. All of it in good bloody fun. So here we are, 20 days left on the Kickstarter for his third short film We Summoned A Demon, another violently funny romp that, if the previous two films being any indication, will absolutely kill. What's it about? From the Kickstarter page:


We Summoned A Demon is a new horror-comedy short film about a demon who comes up from the depths to punish when someone does a spell or ritual or makes a potion incorrectly. Or even if they do a ritual that doesn't exist. Basically if you mess with dark stuff when you shouldn't be he's gonna get ya. You don't just get to go home and go to bed like everything is fine after you tried some good luck spell you read about on the internet, he'll  make sure of it. However, there is a way to get him off your back, but if I tell you that there won't really be anything new for you to find out in the movie. So I won't tell you.

The story follows Kirk and Carlos as they do a ritual to make Kirk cool. Carlos is into paranormal stuff and heard about the ritual from his cousin who heard it from a guy in a bar at Mardis Gras. They do a whole bunch of things wrong with it or maybe the ritual is fake and the demon is summoned. The demon is not smiling cuz he's happy to see them. He is there to mess them up. Can Kirk and Carlos figure out the way to defeat him? Maybe. Maybe not, But there will be blood.

Sound good right? Ready to drop some cash right? ...No? Well then, check out McInroy's work below:

Alriiiight, now you're good huh? Cool, check out the Kickstarter page link below and help get this thing made!