Nothing, if we don't do our part to get this particularly charming, animated horror short off the ground! Tea Leaves is a kickstarter-funded project created by the award-winning Louise Keay Bell, a talented animator / artists / filmmaker who specializes in creating works that incorporate multiple medium styles and techniques to deliver highly unique animated films. The short is a tale about three spirits (all of which should be familiar to any self-respecting fan of the horror genre) that are conjured up through the use of an Ouija Board - *sigh* - we never learn do we? Chaos reigns in their visit as the malevolently "playful" spirits find themselves clashing in personality. From the Kickstarter page:

Tea Leaves explores a scenario in which three supernatural spirits with contrasting personalities are brought together by a ouija board, with disastrous and comical consequences. Ouija boards are often used as a tool for contacting the dead or something more sinister... Unseen spirits are summoned for questioning, using only the planchette to guide the users to the answers. But do these spirits view the whole thing as an inconvenience, or are they keen to use it for their own advantage? What if they aren't human? What if the spirit is a silly cat, randomly hitting the planchette around the board?  In an old abandoned mansion, a group of self-assured ghost hunters are holding a seance by candlelight. In the parallel spirit world, we meet a Wendigo demon; a tall, dark figure with a stag skull head who carries an old tattered suitcase. He is bored with these scenarios and silly humans summoning him, and thinks this should be an easy task... Until he meets the resident ghosts; a wild, reckless Banshee intent on wreaking havoc and a mischievous ghost cat who just wants to play. Chaos quickly ensues before the spirits come to a resolution.

As with any kickstarter worth its web space, there are pretty awesome perks to be had by helping to fund the film. Even better, it only takes £5 (that's around $6 for those in the US) to get a copy of the completed work yourself, in glorious High Definition too! So head on over to the official page, and help get these restless spirits back where they came from!