Raise your hand if you remember being told stories of the demonic looking predator, the chupacabra, as a kid. As someone who is half Puerto Rican myself, I certainly had my share of various spooky tales passed to me from family members and friends; the chupacabra after all, being a very popular monster myth in that region of the Americas. Can't say I ever saw one however, and up until now, films based on the elusive goat-sucker haven't even come close to matching the kind of fear and horror my over-active imagination's been able to illicit and create. Hopefully with Matt McWilliams and Christopher Maltauro's found-footage entry into the chupacabra horror - Chupacabra Territory - we can finally have a film that does the myth true justice.

Read the press release below (trailer and purchase links at the end):

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Chupacabra Territory  stars genre favorite Sarah Nicklin ( The Haunting of Alice D, The Sins of Dracula, Flesh for the Inferno ), Michael Reed ( Dark Feed, Exhumed ), Megan Hensley ( The Crazies, Fake the Joy ), Julianne Tura ( Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, Chastity Bites ), and Pierre Kennel ( Man Down, Doonby )

Chupacabra Territory stars genre favorite Sarah Nicklin (The Haunting of Alice D, The Sins of Dracula, Flesh for the Inferno), Michael Reed (Dark Feed, Exhumed), Megan Hensley (The Crazies, Fake the Joy), Julianne Tura (Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, Chastity Bites), and Pierre Kennel (Man Down, Doonby)

Los Angeles, CA - Maltauro Entertainment, in association with Baumant Entertainment and Invincible Pictures, has announced the April 11th Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD release of Chupacabra Territory. Writer-director Matt McWilliams and producer Christopher Maltauro have crafted a raw found footage film that tests the bonds of friendship and the will to survive to their breaking point.  Chupacabra Territory will be available to rent or own starting April 11th on Flixfling as a 30 day exclusive.  The film will then launch on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and Cable VOD platforms.

Four friends hike into the Pinewood Forest to find evidence of the Chupacabra, an ancient creature believed to be responsible for the disappearance of four experienced hikers a year earlier. As they journey deeper into the forest, their innocent search uncovers more than they had ever hoped for, and with it a darkness that threatens to consume their very existence.  One by one they are hunted down, their survival tested, their lives hanging in the balance of fear, friendship, disbelief and horror.

Chupacabra Territory
Starring Sarah Nicklin, Michael Reed, Alex Hayek, Bryant Jansen, Elliot Book
Chupacabra Territory [Blu-ray]
Starring Sarah Nicklin, Michael Reed, Megan Hensley, Julianne Tura, Pierre Kennel