Dan Brownlie

Writer - Director - Artist

Dan Brownlie is a man of many talents. Creator of the brand-B corporation (an independent production house built with the simple goal of creating the kind of horror films that both tickle and frighten audiences), the director and writer of multiple genre films such as Serial Kaller, Three's a Shroud, and a segment in the horror anthology Self Induced Nightmares, has certainly demonstrated his strengths as a driven independent filmmaker (no small feat considering his production company start at the age of 31). And it would seem that perhaps movie making isn't quite enough of a challenge for the multi-talented artist, as Brownlie has turned his attention to the art of sculpting. 

What started as a learning process for the creation of some seriously grotesque - but cool - masks, has become a passionate endeavor to bring to life some equally grotesque miniature sculptures, some which have become a horror-play on the kind of cereal brands we grew up eating alongside the consumption of our Saturday morning cartoons; Cap'n Belile (a mashup between Basket Case's lovable Belial and the charismatic Captain Crunch), being my personal favorite. Each one is hand crafted by Dan Brownlie himself giving each figurine that uniquely personal touch; check the whole lot of them at the official etsy storefront "brandBMasks" by clicking any of the images in the gallery below.

Remember growing up and opening your favourite cereal box - just for the toy? Well SO DID WE! As a homage to those halcyon days, brand-B Masks and Oddities have created the "FREE INSIDE" range of cereal toys with a twist! Gotta collect 'em all! Current released items include: Cap'n Belile 13Trix BlobBerry These three are deluxe editions with blind box variant editions will be coming soon.
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