Warms our heart to watch this independent label grow to achieve the level of success it has. ALTERNA knows they couldn't have done it without the support from readers and retailers alike, so they want celebrate a very special way. 

AlternaComics is running three major promotions right now to give thanks to their readers, promote retailers, and reward new readers for trying out their titles.


The first major promotion has been a staple at Alterna for over a year now: signing up for their newsletter gets you 30 free digital comics from their lineup.  This gives readers a chance to try out a host of titles at the company without even spending a cent.

The next promotion is a giveaway contest that also helps to promote local comic shops.  Alterna's Monthly Graphic Novel Giveaway is easy to enter, as there's just two easy steps.  1) Take a picture of the Alterna Comics titles that you purchase from your local store. 2) Post the picture to Alterna on Twitter (@alternacomics), Facebook (, or Instagram (@alternacomics) with the hash tag #BringingBackNewsprint and mention the store where you got them. That's it!  One reader will then be chosen on the first of the next month and notified that they've won the contest.  This promotion will not only reward readers for purchasing titles from Alterna's lineup, but it will also promote the stores that carry Alterna's titles.

The last promotion provides a thank you gift/bonus to readers that pre-order Alterna Comics titles at their local comic shop.  By visiting, readers can sign up to receive a 4"x3" "I love the smell of comics on a Wednesday" sticker, 4"x4" Alterna Comics window cling, and an Alterna Comics pen.  Comic shops are also encouraged to reach out to Alterna to provide these bonus items directly to those that pre-order Alterna's titles in their shop.


Alterna Comics made waves recently by publishing a sold out line of newsprint comics that have prices between $1.00 to $1.50 each.  They have also secured newsstand distribution for these comics, which will be debuting in July at several hundred Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, convenience stores, specialty shops, and other various stores across the world.