'GACHA GACHA' and the TANUKI FROM HELL - 'CAT SICK BLUES' Director Dave Jackson's new short film

Guys, I can't begin to tell you just how excited I am for this project. As a huge fan (the entire site is actually) of Cat Sick Blues, there was absolutely no question I'd be throwing my cash behind whatever else Dave Jackson and the rest of team Phantasmes put out. While this latest project may not be a straight laced horror film (and I'd argue that Cat Sick Blues wasn't either), we can be sure that it'll be gross, occasionally juvenile, awkwardly humorous, and mildly disturbing. Yeah, YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS. So, without further ado...

GACHA GACHA - A nightmarish short film with a gooey tanuki!

A not-so-heartwarming tale about capsule toys, the nightmare of obsession, jealous rage, and a slimy, stop-frame animated tiny monster.


Gacha Gacha is a gooey, disgusting short film from the makers of Cat Sick Blues. Shot in Japan... in Japanese... with a Japanese cast... Japanese locations... and a repulsive, stop-frame animated tanuki! We are ridiculously excited about this film. 

Gacha Gacha is about the nightmare of obsession and the short-lived highs of being a collector. That nagging desperation to possess rare things, and how quickly that desperation fades.  

We follow a woman, living alone in a tiny apartment surrounded by an enormous collection of Gacha capsule toys. She gets news of an upcoming Gacha of incredible scarcity. She rushes to her local Gacha shop, and, impossibly enough, that ultra-rare Gacha ends up tumbling out of the machine.  

Inside the Gacha ball is something truly odd though. A slimy, potentially living (but just barely) thing slides out. A disgusting, goo-smeared tanuki enters her life.




We want to make sure that each step up is a genuine step up in quality of reward. From the 1000 yen goal upwards, we want to make sure everyone can see the film in an excellent, high quality download and have a streaming option too. 

Please don't be scared off by the spooky yen prices! Kickstarter shows an approximate estimate of the reward cost in your own currency and we'll place our own estimates below.

Please note, these are based on exchange rates that go up and down regularly, so it's NOT an exact amount.