This is the tag headlining the very cryptic Facebook post on Heidi Moore's page. On the surface, this new project isn't related to Dolly Deadly - at least, not directly. Notice that is says, very specifically, "Not Dolly Deadly", as in not the first or second film. But what it doesn't say (and as a result, I think, speaks volumes) is "not related in any way to Dolly Deadly". So perhaps #notdollydeadly is simply a red herring meant to throw off all but the most ardent puzzle solvers - a.k.a. Thirteenth Floor.

Here are some visual aids, and the photo itself:


Writing is on the wall, and the bed, and the floor

Dolls. Dolls everywhere.

We also know that this film isn't Deadly Dolly either. Every accomplished puzzle solver knows that the first step in decryption is to start with the simplest method, word shuffling. So that's exactly what was done (as you can see in the exchange below). Heidi Moore was very quick however to point out that this was an incorrect assumption. And, in the attempt to make Moore nervous (in the hopes that she'd inadvertently spill more information), we applied some pressure with the "threat" of a wildly speculative article based on nothing but, well, everything BUT facts. Uh, I guess kind of like the one you're reading? Shit.


She called our bluff.

Screenshot 2018-04-22 at 10.08.28 PM.png

Damn you Heidi, you're good, but we'll crack the case soon enough. As for you, reader - stay tuned for more information as it arrives (or doesn't)...