Composer/Producer John Whitaker (AKA "1i2c") and Cinematographer/Director Nicolai Kornum have partnered up to create two disturbing horror short films - UMBILICHORD and UNDERTAKER.


UNDERTAKER sees a young woman dressed in black mourning in a graveyard, and as the funeral guests leave we see the undertaker himself (played by John Whitaker) begin to exhume the grave. The rest of the short plays out in a Jeepers Creepers style to conclusion.

UNDERTAKER prod still by NICOLAI KORNUM (6).jpg


You know those dreams where you feel like you're running through molasses in your attempt to escape some kind of malicious entity or evil? You simply can't find your feet, and try as you might, can't work up the speed to get safely away. That's basically what Undertaker feels like, a seven-minute slow motion nightmare, only the person being chased here won't find reprieve in waking up. 


UMBILICHORD sees prolific indie Filmmaker and Actress Emma Dark taking the lead role, strutting around a park pushing an old-fashioned pram while onlookers and passers by become curious by the sight of Miss Dark and her so-called offspring. In the midst of all this a strange lab experiment is happening elsewhere, which leads to a bizarre and unsettling conclusion... 


Umbilichord is a gorgeous little mystery that feels like a mix between a music video and a twilight zone episode. As each new victim falls prey to whatever little secret is carried within the stroller carriage, your mind begins to race in search of answers. Is it a multi-dimensional vortex? A magical curse? Rosemary's Baby? And just where is the stroller carriage going? Momentary splashes of color are inter-cut throughout the mostly black-and-white presentation, a darkly foreboding laboratory and a tireless mad scientist at work; perhaps the awaited fate for both the package and the deliverer? 

I promise, no matter what explanation your mind is able to conjecture up, it won't match the reality of the short film's...situation.

The release of both films coincides with the album release of "It Should Be You" by Composer John Whitaker (1i2c). For more information or to purchase the album please visit 1i2c.bandcamp.com. To view the other works of director Nicolai Kornum please visit nicolaikornum.com.