EDEN #2 of 4

Exhausted and frustrated, Neriah’s team wades through a forbidden swampland desperately searching for her son. But when the team is forced to confront one of their deadliest foes, can they put aside their differences long enough to survive?

(W/A) Eric Henson

(I) Michael Babinski, Robert Doan

(I) Steven Oaks, Ross Hughes

(L) Robert Doan

$1.50, 32 pgs, Sci-Fi Adventure, Full Color, 12+

CYKO KO! #2 of 3

Another day, another job for SuperEarth’s “greatest” hero Cyko KO! In this issue, Cyko’s evil twin robot is on the loose and this “Cy-Clone” will stop at nothing to accomplish his impossible mission and take down one of Cyko’s childhood heroes!

(W/A) Rob Feldman

(L) Peter Simeti

$1.50, 32 pgs, Superhero/Humor, Full Color, All Ages



Abigail and Tennessee Dan go undercover in “No Man's Land” looking for Abigail’s missing friend. With danger around every corner, the duo stumble onto something sinister and get in more trouble than they bargained for.

(W) David Lucarelli

(A) Henry Ponciano

(L) HdE

$1.50, 32 pgs, Crime/Action/Noir, Full Color, 12+



The end is near for Juno as she must travel to the center of the galaxy in hopes of writing an unspeakable wrong. The power to reset the timeline and save humanity is within her grasp, but to do so, she must face the greatest threat she’s ever known.

(W/A) Patrick Mulholland

$1.50, 32 pgs, Sci-Fi Action, Full Color, 12+


BARON RAT and the Great Cheese Caper!

Mr. Crypt’s best friend, BARON RAT, is now starring in his very own adventure! All rats love cheese, but Baron Rat loves it more than anything. Will he get the cheese he so desires, or be left empty-handed? Find out in this ONE-DOLLAR ONE-SHOT that’s entertaining for readers of all ages!

(W) Toy Vevasis

(A) Aleksandar Jovic

(L) Peter Simeti, Aleksandar Jovic

$1.00, 24 pgs, Humor Adventure, Full Color, All Ages