Political satire, bits of nationalism, insane amounts of executive detail, and finally that goofy looking, horrifyingly powerful, radioactive lizard we all love. This was a near-perfect marriage between the spirit of the older films and the flash of modern effects-driven cinema, with its only blemishes coming by way of questionable casting and some goofy monster animation.

Oh, and speaking of goofy.


I'm a HUGE fan of the initially derpy first form. Great intro to the big G, and fantastic reboot of the franchise; Toho and crew nailed it.


Toho reclaims the Godzilla universe by putting out one of the strongest reboots of a franchise I have ever seen.  They manage to retell a origin story we all know far too well without alienating or boring the viewer.  It feels like you are watching what would happen if Godzilla erupted from the waters and began to reign terror on Japan in 2016.  Characters you care about, quirky humor, and great special effects are just a few things Shin has going for it.  The on screen presence and look of Godzilla is probably my favorite incarnation I have seen thus far.


This is just the beginning.  Hopefully Toho Continues to bring more entries to coincide with the recent American reboots and we can just binge on two drastically different cinematic universes and soak up all of the big lizard we can.

This film is a must watch for true Zilla aficionados.  GO SEE IT!