It feels like only yesterday when I had the absolute pleasure of viewing Chris McInroy's hilariously ultra-violent short film, 'Bad Guy #2'. A sardonic look into the hierarchical system of the mafioso world, a cautionary tale for the ambitious would-be soldiers and capos that emphatically warns of the risks that come with moving up in rank; punctuated with a brutally grisly, yet gut-bustingly hilarious exclamation point. With a running time of just under 10 minutes, I could hardly get enough.

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before Chris flexed his film-making muscle yet again, and with the festival release of his Kickstarted short film, 'Death Metal', wow us with masterful gore-filled practical effects work, yet again. This time following the misadventures of a would-be metal-head - playing for tips - who's full potential for head-banging riffs becomes unlocked when he receives a darkly enchanted guitar, seemingly crafted by Satan's own hands. "COOL", he thinks, that is until all the attached rules and provisos for the hellish guitar go unheeded, and everyone lucky enough to be within ear shot of the violently awesome riffs are...uh...shredded.

The film is 5 minutes long. Yes, even shorter than the lauded 'Bad Guy #2', but I promise, the violent crescendo hits far quicker and much harder than that one does, demonstrating the talents of FX artist Eric Zapata with every decapitation, dismemberment, throat slash, and other unspeakable act of violence there are no descriptive words for. No one is safe either; women, children, dweebs all suffer equally at the wrath of the dark lord, and the audience is left with their senses just as violently assaulted, ultimately leaving them blood-thirsty for more!

Damn you Chris McInroy.


We've been following Chris's work for a while now at Thirteenth Floor, and with each new project, has continued to prove he has a bright future ahead of him in the horror genre. This latest release, only compounds that opinion. 

'Death Metal' is another fun, bloody, and no-holds-barred short by Chris McInroy. It follows a young metal-head who becomes frustrated with shredding in a local park for spare change. His skills are under-appreciated so he goes to visit his crazy father who passes down a satanic guitar that was purchased by his grandfather in exchange for his soul.

Anyone who is familiar with Chris' work should have an idea what they are in store for here. It's packed with gore, dark humor, and nobody is off limits. If you have a chance to check this out at any film fest do not hesitate. Seeing it with a crowd will definitely enhance your viewing of this unhinged blood-soaked short.

Be sure to follow Chris on Facebook and Twitter, while keeping an eye on his VIMEO page. Word is, he's hard at work putting together his first full-length feature film, about Werewolves. God help us all.