Zombies and zombie related media are about as newsworthy as whoever Taylor Swift is breaking up with any given week, and given their over-saturation in pop culture, contain as much bite and shock nowadays as a Putin-praising Donald Trump tweet. That's sort of the point with Eddie Bammeke and Michael Haberfelner's satirical commentary short-film, 'Talk of the Dead'; a sardonic look at society's pedestrian manner in which they deal with the "walking dead" epidemic. Yeah, they're real, but so what.

There's an almost Paul Verhoeven-esque tinge to the entire production, recalling the hilariously disturbing interludes littered throughout his 1987 dystopian action masterpiece, Robocop. We've learned (thanks to the countless films and zombie-culture born as a result) how to not only live with the horror genre's darling corpse, but effectively subdue, dispose and even exploit them as well. Of course, there are some that haven't figured out what everyone else seems to know, and much like our current climate change situation, so too are there walking dead deniers.

La-la-la, I can't heeeeaaaar yooouuuu

Enter Lynn Lowry (an actress that tends to be my favorite person in whatever film she's performing in) playing the role of tone deaf politician, Victoria Winkelhauser; who's ability to spin obvious reality into muddy misinformed bullshit is only matched by her obnoxious arrogance. And while the tone of the film can feel pessimistic in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, the audience is rewarded with a somewhat satisfying, bloody end. I say somewhat, because the way everything unfolds almost feels like a dark forecast of our own fate; a warning, to the dangers of letting our guard down to predicted impending global disaster. So while Talk of the Dead has fun delivering a pretty morbid message, it's of paramount importance that we understand the gravity of that morbidity.

Of course, there's always the possibility I'm reading into things way too much. This could very well just be a silly zombie film with zero subtext and full-tilt nonsense...