Who doesn't love a twist? Taking audience expectations and completely flipping it so they're used against them, pulling the rug from underneath, and ultimately leaving them with an ending they (hopefully) didn't see coming. In this way, 'A Tricky Treat' couldn't have been more appropriately named.

Director Patricia Chica really flexes her muscles here, accomplishing in three minutes (well, two, if you discount the credits) what most feature length films fail to do in 90 or more. With a simple premise to get the ball rolling - the gleeful mutilation of a kidnapped man, done as a family ritual - the meat of the film (teehee) is the slow grueling process in which it occurs. Gore hounds will be thrilled with what's on display here; decapitation, eye-gouging, organ dismemberment, and the consumption of it all! Of course, it's effectiveness comes as a result of the incredibly realistic practical effects work (there is some CG early on, but thankfully its used sparingly). Like a strong burp after a hearty meal, the look of horror plastered on our faces during the ordeal and the collective "Yooooooo" that escaped our mouths, was a compliment to both writer Kamal John Iskander and the visual effects team!

Not much more can be said about the film without out-right giving away the punch-line on a sick and gruesome cruel joke. So do yourself a favor and stalk Patricia Chica's twitter here and find out the next nearest location this crazy horror short is playing next; absolutely worth it. Here, we'll help you on your way.