Currently making it's festival run 'Madre de Dios' is the latest creation from the twisted mind of Gigi Saul Guerrero.  If you have been following any of Gigi's work, you already know you are in for something special.

This short film is based around a woman (Played by Tristan Risk) who becomes the unwilling participant in a sinister occult ritual. When it comes to occult themed content, atmosphere is a necessity in setting the mood.   In under 7 minutes 'Madre de Dios' accomplishes more than most full feature films do.  It's tense, uncomfortable, and downright hypnotizing; and absolutely refreshing seeing one of my favorite themes tackled, with a Mexican heritage twist!

    Luchagore Productions and Gigi continue to knock it out the park with grisly visuals, amazing practical effects, and new twists on staple themes in the horror genre.  We don't know when this short will be available to the public.  So in the mean time you can check out the trailer below, and make sure you put Gigi and Luchagore on your radar;  you won't be disappointed.

A woman wakes up bound to an altar, helpless as she is transformed into a flesh and blood statue of Santa Muerte by two elderly Brujos whose sole purpose is to conjure the anti-Christ into our plane of existence.