Making his debut as first time director, Zach Noe Towers' 'Killer Friends' is a short, fun, horror film that we can all relate to. Everyone at some point in their lives has had or may currently have that one friend; you know the type, obnoxious, annoying, and typically just out-of-line. We may discuss their annoying behavior among ourselves, and most of the time never even confront them about it because, that would be too difficult right? Just telling someone straight-up that it would probably be best to stop hanging out all together because you just can't deal with their shit anymore. Zach Noe Towers has a much darker solution.

Take that friend on a camping trip hundreds of miles away, and murder them.  

This is exactly what Scott's friends have in mind, but after many failed attempts and growing frustration, each one of them instead decides to individually attempt to take matters into their own hands, hoping one of them will be successful in severing their ties to Scott once-and-for-all.  Despite the short film's dark premise, all of it is handled in a very fun and lighthearted manner (it is labeled a "horror-comedy" after all). 'Killer Friends' doesn't rely on gore or other traditional staples of the genre, but rather relies on it's characters' personalities (and ideas to dispatch their mutual friend) to hold it's audience attention, as such, it really does allow the film to stand out.

The whole thing is a commentary on the great lengths some people are willing to go to just to avoid confrontation, or tackle their problems head-on. Obviously taking those lengths to the extreme - attempting to drive an axe through your (ex) best friend while on a camping trip - the horror genre allows for such a scenario to work, even if it isn't the most plausible. We aren't going to spoil the result of each attempt, or the film's ultimate outcome, but probably safe to say its certainly not what we expected.

Oh, and a fun little tidbit, Zach Noe Towers not only directed and wrote 'Killer Friends', he also plays the role of our love-able douchebag, "Scott". So be on the lookout for a showing in a local film festival (or if you're a film review site, contact ChicArt PR themselves for a private screening); find out if he gets whats coming to him! Hopefully that includes future success in the industry as well (Zach, not Scott), since this debut, is pretty damn good.

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