I saw the first installment of the Camp Blood series many many years ago and I am still traumatized by how awful it was. I even own the second one on DVD; it is in my ”shame” shelf. Sure it was campy, but mostly just awful, so when I found Camp Blood 4 I knew I had to watch this.

Camp Blood 4: A bunch of college friends stop at the notorious Camp Blood on their way to a rock concert. But there is someone lurking in the woods nearby, ready to arrange one hell of a night for unfortunate campers.

I did not think that Camp Blood 4 could be worse than the first two, but I was wrong! First off, the editing was so strange and odd in some places and it really threw me off. Secondly, the acting from most of the cast was horrible, and honestly I had a hard time sitting through the movie, but the one good thing about it is that it is only 70 minutes long!

Another thing is the characters that were only thrown in for a second to get the murder count higher, without any backstory to them, which made me not care about the characters at all. I also found Camp Blood 5, yes you read that right, there is a fifth installment and you guessed it, I will watch it as well.