I'm a sucker for really bad B horror, therefore I will automatically watch everything I can get my hands on, because I am trash. Recently, I sat down to watch SyFy Channel's 'Neverknock', starring Jodelle Ferland. Now, the SyFy Channel isn't exactly known for their good movies, and it's not often they do horror. So this was a curiosity for me to say the least.

You may recognize Ferland from movies such as Carrie (TV movie), Silent Hill, Cabin in the Woods, as well as her roles on some darker television series; Dark Angel and Dead Like Me just to name a fewMuch younger then, she's all grown-up now, still occasionally making an appearance in film.

Neverknock takes place on Halloween, and follows a couple of friends out trick or treating. In 1986 three teenagers were murdered after knocking on the door of the house on 59 Oakwood Lane. Years pass, and what used to be rumors turn into urban legends. That is until Leah (Ferland) goes to test the legend with her friends Sydney (Eliana Jones), Gavin (Varun Saranga), Amy (Kiana Madeira) and Grace (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) - the girl she's crushing on.

When Grace's little sister Jenna (Lola Flanery) disappears after having knocked on that forbidden cursed door, the teens start to suspect that the rumors might be indeed be true.

Neverknock is real, and it's feeding off their fears.


Haven't we already been subjected to numerous movies where it turns out our fears are what ultimately kill us? I feel like we have. Neverknock is no exception. This made for TV movie is incredibly dull, and dragged on for too long.

Maybe I'm just too old for these teeny bopper wannabe horror movies, which try to live up to some sort of expectation, set by no one. Jury's still out on that. One thing's for sure; Neverknock?

More like never watch.

Sorry, not sorry.

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