A sledgehammer to the face. That's what this movie is. Truth or Dare is the cinematic equivalent of a sledgehammer to the face. And not just that, a kick to the groin, a sharp poke of the eyes, anesthesia-free pulling of the teeth, castration, mutilation and just a bunch more really colorful unpleasantries. Ok, yeah, THAT is what Truth or Dare is, and I couldn't be any more happier for it.

You'll feel the way she looks by the time credits roll

Jessica Cameron's gruesome little tale (which saw it's initial release circulate festivals back in 2013) is about six friends who push the envelope of internet entertainment when they create a show based around the game "Truth or Dare", but add a dangerous, violent twist to it. Success finds them, but along with that, an obsessed fan who wants nothing more than to raise the stakes higher than ever in hopes that he finds acceptance among the group, as the ultimate participant.

The plot is fairly thin; but really, who gives a shit. We came here for one thing, and one thing only, the gross opportunity to satisfy our morbid curiosities in the form of over-the-top depravity housed in some of the most disturbing scenarios this side of a Herschell Gordon Lewis wet dream. Of course it follows then that we have a tension-filled build-up, which for the most part starts - for this film anyway - fairly soft. It isn't long however until things ramp up, and as each captive member of the "Truth or Dare" crew is forced to reveal awfully dark secrets about themselves, the threads tying their relationships together, begin to unravel. And it is at this point in the film, when humiliation and disgust reach a fever pitch, that the violence and all those nasty things mentioned in the opening paragraph of this review, begin to manifest and escalate faster than you can close your eyes; and if you're a gore-hound, it's pretty glorious.

It's not all guts and roses however. Don't get me wrong, Truth or Dare, when it gets going, it REALLY gets going, but you have to endure some admittedly awkward (and sometimes downright bad) segments and performances early on. Some of it is due to the (understandably) low budget, most of which thankfully seems to have gone towards the effects work, and forced humor. I mean, I get it; it's a way to build some tangibility to the friendship our six-person production team have, but I couldn't shake the feeling that these scenes were either rushed, or forced, or both. Still, it's only a minor nitpick. Ultimately the film delivers on its promise to shock and disturb, and in those moments, thankfully, my qualms with the cast performances were pretty much eliminated (Heather Dorff in particular, standing bloody head and shoulders above the rest). 

So if you fancy your horror full of bite, blood-soaked fangs fully bared, Jessica's Cameron's Truth or Dare is absolutely right up your alley. It's also available to rent or buy today (putting an end to what was a painfully anticipatory wait), which means if you're reading this, you've wasted enough time as it is (thanks for the click though). Remedy this. Watch it today:

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