I love little surprises like these. You’ve heard it said, “never judge a book by its cover”, but I believe it’s only human nature that we tend to do so. Of course, it’s also on us not to be completely dismissive following that, and hopefully whatever negative pre-conceived notions a cursory glance at the surface allowed us to develop aren’t reinforced.

So what did I think the first time I laid eyes on the promo material for Deadly Virtues? A shitty lifetime channel melodrama dressed in horror garb. And what did I get after actually watching Deadly Virtues? A trashy - yet entertaining - lifetime channel melodrama dressed in horror garb. Ate de Jong puts together a home invasion story that attempts to curtail the typical tropes and cliches found in the sub-genre by promising some kind of morally challenging catharsis, but really, I found it best not to take Virtues as anything more than guilty pleasure.

It was well acted (Megan Maczko in particular, puts on a great performance), which allowed the more ridiculous moments to come across a ridiculous kind of way, and at times a little bit sexy, in a mean way. In fact, the film’s proposed narrative allows for a few moments that, if you’re in a monogamous relationship, will certainly work to get the blood boiling, assuming you allow yourself to get lost in what the film is trying to do; I did, so it upset me. But that anger subsides very quickly the more you learn about the victimized married couple and their past, and as our home invader slowly peels away at their relationship, you begin to appreciate his particular brand of justice, there is a sort of method to the madness. I just wish it was less demeaning and way way less rapey.

Still, the point stands that Deadly Virtues is worth your time, especially if you fancy yourself a fan of the type of made-for-tv dramas so obviously engineered to illicit strong emotional responses. Give it a shot, you may find yourself surprised to be smiling by the time the credits roll. 


Deadly Virtues is a movie that I've heard absolutely nothing about. Before watching it I checked it out on IMDB and saw that it was directed by Ate de Jong who did the infamous Drop Dead Fred. I went in thinking it was going to turn into to something similar to Drop Dead Fred and damn was I wrong.

A stranger played by Edward Akrout breaks into a house, ties up the husband and starts toying with the wife, played by Megan Maczko. Edward plays a hell of a stranger. He seems dangerous and pretty nasty but he's also quite compelling and sexy at the same time. Megan Maczko does a fantastic job with her emotions and facial expressions. She really is the star of the movie. The husband, Matt Barber was ok, sometimes a bit over the top, but still quite believable. This film is what I wanted Knock Knock to be. The games they play in this are seriously messed up and if you picture yourself in their situation you know you would freak the fuck out. Which I really really really appreciated. This film made me feel things, disgust, fear, guilt, love, hate. Seeing that Deadly Virtues only has a 4.8 on IMDB really makes me sad because I genuinely enjoyed this film.


Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey
Starring Edward Akrout, Matt Barber, Megan Maczko, Helen Bradbury