Hell hath no fury, like a Mime scorned.

In cuprite productions' short film about these very same silent performers, we get to see what happens when - after a performance role snub - a very pissed off Mime (Sarah Giercksky) decides to exact some silent vengeance on her peers.

Both written and directed by our very own site member, Bitches of Horror co-host Sarah Giercksky, Mimes is a wonderfully shot Swedish comedy (there's very little dialogue to worry about if you don't speak the language) with lite horror elements that delivers its compelling narrative through body language, more specifically, Sarah and Xander's very emotive facial expressions. From the hopeful and energetic opening performance, to the creatively dark finale (which actually elicited a gasp), Giercksky and Turian do a remarkable job selling the scene and pulling me into the story. Not just for a low budget affair, Mimes was a very effective short film that I recommend any horror fan with a twisted sense of humor and appreciation for visual twists, give a watch or two. Check it our for yourself below and be sure to peep the other production shorts from cuprite productions.

A short film produced by the indipendent film group "Popcorn Short Films [Sweden]" Written and Directed by Sarah Giercksky Edited by Xander J Turian Starring Sarah Giercksky Xander Turian Anne Visuri Director Of Photography - Xander J Turian First Assistant Director - Maria Sol Second Assistant Director - Linnea Gillberg
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