"My fourth viewed Jean Rollin film may in fact be my favorite one, but only just; 'Fascination' previously having the honor of that distinction.

As expected of the French director's feature-length endeavors, 'Lips of Blood' continues the welcome tradition of beautiful shooting locations, dreamlike - almost ethereal - qualities to it's aesthetic, and even more beautiful and very naked vampire women. With regards to it's story, we have a simple yet powerfully relatable tale about feverish obsession born of a love lost; the exhaustive search to reclaim what was actually never had, the literal chasing of a dream.

Thematically, not that dissimilar to another one of Rollin's heart wrenching yarns, 'The Living Dead Girl', only this one ends on a hopeful note, and I can dig that."

A man's quest to find a mysterious woman from his childhood leads to the release of four female vampires in Paris.