El GIgante being the first horror-film-turned-comic to be reviewed by Thirteenth Floor is simply too awesome. As huge fans of pretty much everything put out by Luchagore Productions, we were excited to hear the initial announcement that the team's adaptation of Shane McKenzie's novel would land in comic book form, best of all, with the visual direction being handled by Daiju Kurabayashi and Hiro Fujii. And now that I've personally had the opportunity to read the comic (multiple times) all I want is for every single property under the Lucha label to get the same royal treatment!

Holy shit is El Gigante everything I could have hoped it to be, and more! For the most part, it adheres very close to the short film, but where it deviates is actually where I find the most pleasure is derived, the violence! This is a beautifully disgusting symphony of ink and color, bringing to life the characters of this dark world in a way we've never seen or read before, and the way all of the more gut wrenching moments are illustrated actually elevate this form of El Gigante above all others. Seriously, this is officially my favorite adaptation of the story; major props to the dynamic duo Daiju and Hiro for doing what seemed like the impossible in usurping the short film (which we still love of course).

I may not be as big a comic geek as I used to be, but if we get more projects like these, and not just from team Lucha, but other independent horror production companies and artists, I can definitely see myself with yet another expensive hobby I can't afford, ha! This Cinco De Mayo weekend treat yourself, as a genre fan, to something truly special; El Gigante waits for you in the ring.



One of my favorite (and one of the earliest) short films we have ever covered on the site is definitely Luchagore's El Gigante.  It was a big, wet, and sloppy burrito of visuals; oozing with style and originality. Well this past Cinco de mayo, Luchagore has brought that same style and freshness to one of my other favorite hobbies... comics! Yesterday they released a new El Gigante digital comic exclusively on their site! The art style is best described as if a Japanese manga artist downed a handle of tres generaciones.  From the very first page El Gigante grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go.  Each panel oozes with over the top violence and detail.     

It's so refreshing to see these stories told in a fresh new way that we rarely see anymore.  And at the small entry fee of $5 you really can't go wrong; there is also a sneak peak at the end of what Lucha has in store for the future..  Most of you will have spent more than that for 1 margarita this past cinco (or this weekend celebration).  


Other creators need to take notes.  LUCHA-FY ALL THE THINGS.  Movies, short films, comics, toys (You already have a sale for a El Gigante action figure from me), and Clothes.  Keep doing what you guys are doing! #Lucha4Life

Seriously... can I get a El Gigante action figure? 🏻

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