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Guess who’s back, back again (with another short) Luchagore is back! Tell a friend!

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Bestia follows the lone survivor (Mathias Retamal) of a disaster, as he awakens on a deserted beach. It becomes clear that there are more dangers lurking in the woods, than a hungry beast. 

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The location where Bestia was filmed is absolutely incredible. The eerie feeling you get when the lone survivor (Retamal) wakes up down by the water, just as if someone is watching you, is a feeling that stays with you as he ventures through the woods.

The editing is top notch and the brilliant music and sound adds such suspense to the visually stunning shots throughout. Luchagore always tends to play with colors and I love that. Their work is vivid, bold and bright, yet dark, gritty and grimy. Nowadays it’s hard to create something intriguing that keeps the viewer’s fascination sustained, without using any form of dialogue, but Bestia has a very nice touch to it and keeps you on your toes, it keeps you intrigued until the end. It’s simple, yet so hauntingly beautiful.

As an aspiring writer and filmmaker myself, these are the people I look up to. It can't be said enough, I will forever be in total and utter awe of the creative minds behind the Luchagore team.

Good news people, Bestia will begin its festival run this summer. Until then, check out their official site for updates on the very exciting #ProjectLucha coming your way soon! While you're there, buy a shirt and make sure you check out the 'El Gigante' comic, yes I said comic! Daiju Kurabayashi and Hiro Fujii are the talented guys behind the comic adaption of the fantastic short (available in both English and Japanese) you can also find Lucha on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"Bestia" follows the lone survivor (played by Mathias Retamal) of a disaster as he awakens on a deserted beach. It becomes clear that there are more dangers lurking in the woods than a hungry beast. We are excited to announce that Bestia will begin it's festival run for Summer of 2017!
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