PENANCE (2009)


Penance is a 2009 horror film directed by Jake Kennedy. It stars Jason Connery, Marieh Delfino, Graham McTavish, and Michael Rooker. Horror film icon Tony Todd has a cameo role as a sinister chauffeur. - Wikipedia

Initial release: May 30, 2009

DirectorJake Kennedy

Music composed byRyan Dodson

Budget: 1.5 million USD

ScreenplayJake Kennedy


The story is about a single mom, Amelia, who's daughter is in dire need of special care for her sickness. Sadly she doesn't have the economic resources to get her the care required, so instead takes to performing stripteases alongside a stripper named "Sassy" Suzie. At first, the striptease / stripper profession really isn't Amelia's "thing", as it turns out, she's actually quite shy and prefers not to be seen. Her friend Suzy however, tries her hardest to make Amelia feel confident, and by the time her first show rolls around, finds that it pays off wonderfully; the audience absolutely loves her. Things seem to be working out, and Amelia is making good money, but one day she comes across a beaten and battered Suzy (who's most likely being abused) and Amelia is forced to take a job Suzy was originally assigned to. A suspicious one too; high paying, but takes place in the middle of nowhere. She takes her friend along to document everything as a just in case, and when they finally arrive, both quickly come to realize that their worst nightmares are about to come to life. 

Things escalate quickly and they find themselves trapped by the sadistic Geeves, who's apparently raped thousands of women during the 1990s. Amelia is held captive, bound down and exposed to torture by Geeves and his vile assistants; and it only gets more and more brutal from there. I liked the movie because it takes me back to the Hostel and Saw-series, where the focus was on capture-and-torture, usually at the hands of millionaires who want nothing more than to exert their power on the young and innocent. And like those films, the desperate victims are forced to dig deep within themselves, and endure new levels of mental and physical abuse in order to survive; with Penance we're talking about self mutilation and disturbing acts of violence against their captors. To make it worse, the footage is filmed through a portable video camera which makes it all the more surreal, adding to the gut punch that is Amelia's slow descent towards promised oblivion.

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