Alyce kills (aka Alyce) tells the story of "single white female" Alyce, (Jade Dornfeld) who seemingly leads a pretty boring life. She drives a Volvo and works a soul sucking desk job that ultimately *just* pays her bills.


What saves her from not completely going under, is her best friend Carroll (played by Amara Zaragoza - also known as Tamara Feldman - who you might recognize as Marybeth in the first Hatchet movie (later replaced by Scream Queen Danielle Harris in the sequel). After a low-key drunken night out which includes boyfriend drama, alcohol, BFF sloppy drunk talk and drugs, things take a twisted turn of events when Alyce accidentally pushes Carroll off the ledge of a roof. She is overcome by grief and guilt and let's herself fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Alyce Kills is a twisted tale that manages to spiral out of complete and utter control the deeper into it you delve. And possibly, it might just tell the story of our beloved Alice in Wonderland and how she takes on all the characters in her own personal twisted version of Wonderhell. Follow the white rabbit, right? There might even be a few recognizable characters throughout the film, as the story line progresses.

James Duval plays Caroll's remorseful ex boyfriend, you might remember him as young Miguel
in Independence Day or as Frank in Donning Darko. It's a suspenseful and rather mysterious film as it starts out like the norm, but you have to keep watching, because it quickly gets bat-shit crazy! Written and directed by Jay Lee in 2011, yes, the writer and director of Zombie Strippers, which is also a bat-shit crazy yet enjoyable film.