Well this was a neat surprise in our inbox. Director Andrew Robinson was kind enough to share two of his latest short films with us! Brief impressions from Sarah and David just below; be sure to give the creepy shorts a viewing of your own, along with comments, they’re each linked on this page for your convenience.

CreepyPasta "Candle Cove" re-imagined by Andrew J.D. Robinson starring Anne-Carolyne Binette & Tristan McIntosh, produced by WORKOBEY Films. REVIEWS "Scared the hell out of me" http://lestat-horror.co.uk/candle-cove-2018-creepypasta-horror-short-review "Very creepy" http://horrorreview.webnode.com/news/candle-cove "I f*cking love this!" http://tnhorrornewsmoviereviews.blogspot.com/2018/08/the-short-films-of-andrew-jd-robinson.html "Sure to send a chill up your spine" http://searchmytrash.com/movies/candlecove(2018).shtml "Effective" http://gbhbl.com/horror-short-review-candle-cove-2018 "The quality of Robinson's shorts forever seems to improve."


Candle Cove - The Puppets were very cute and the story works because it is so short. Very enjoyable!

The Becky Carmichael Fan Club - A good story with current themes that should be highlighted more. Some very beautiful moments of cinematography, and the main actress does a good job. It had an eerie feeling to it in some scenes. I enjoyed watching it.


Candle cove is a bite sized short based off the Creepypasta that shares the same name.  It perfectly captures the feel and uneasiness that made the original story so effective.  Your enjoyment of the short will solely rely on how familiar you are with the source material.  We highly recommend you check this out first before watching.. http://www.creepypasta.org/creepypasta/candle-cove

Just don’t get lost in the static.

The Becky Carmichael Fan Club is a slow-burn short about a young star birthed from the YouTube generation that has moved past that particular chapter of her life, and is ready to put everything behind her.  Her estranged brother needs a place to stay and asks to move in. While they are working on their relationship Becky is attacked on a dark night, and the mystery slowly begins to unravel.  This short is beautifully shot and atmospheric despite the budget. What really drives this one is the strong cast and impressive soundtrack accompanied with the cinematography.  The Thirteenth Floor highly recommends you join The Becky Carmichael Fan Club.

After Becky receives countless friend requests from complete strangers, she's realizing something bad has happened to her but she doesn't know what yet in "The Becky Carmichael Fan Club" written & directed by Andrew J.D. Robinson -- a drama/thriller cautionary tale for the digital era.