SALEM'S LOT (1979)

Salem's Lot
Starring David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres

Salem's Lot is a foot-dragging horror film that lives and dies on its ability to deliver some truly disturbing, nightmare inducing vampire imagery. I imagine it works (or at least, works better) as the television mini series it was originally presented to be. Unfortunately, my first and only viewing was a start to finish sit down with the Blu-ray - which, if not for the aforementioned vampire scenes, would have been unbearable. I don't see myself ever revisiting this one.

A novelist and a young horror fan attempt to save a small New England town which has been invaded by vampires.


Tobe Hooper


Stephen King (novel), Paul Monash (screenplay)


David Soul, James MasonLance Kerwin |